Life In Balance Yoga
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129 Broadway, Hanover Pa 17331
[email protected]
Established in 2008

massage therapy

Leslie Dugan's Offerings

To contact Leslie directly you can call at 717-627-4858 or email her at [email protected]

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​​​​ ​​Therapeutic Massage 

Therapeutic Massage, the hands on full body working of the muscles and connective tissue. Many levels of pressure are possible here to meet individual preferences and needs. This can include:​​

 ~ Swedish style long soothing, short flushing strokes, and deep tissue work (as desired and as necessary), terrific for feeding and                                                                                                  flushing muscles, allowing for increased relaxation and ease of movement.

~ Myofascial work, which is the releasing and lengthening of the web of connective tissue that wraps around each muscle cell and fiber and muscle grouping. This is a great aid in releasing pattern restrictions, allowing for increased balance and range of motion in movement

~ CranioSacral work, as taught through the Upledger Institute. This light touch techniques intends to gather
information from subtle body rhythms to identify and release restrictions inhibiting the smooth functioning of the nervous system. Many find the experience deeply relaxing.

~ Reiki, the guided transfer of healing energy or 'universal life force' from hands of the practitioner for the purpose of health and healing. It involves light touch on various locations of the body.

This practice is designed to work with a wide range of individuals, including those seeking

                                                   * general relaxation and wellness, relief from tension and stress, including prenatel massage
                                                   * relief from specific discomforts such as sciatic, lower back, and upper back pain and stiffness
                                                   * care from massage for fibromyalgia
                                                   * care from massage from chronic pain or discomfort conditions

About Leslie
Leslie Dugan has been practicing Therapeutic Massage since 2003 after graduating from Synergy Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork School in Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.   She passed her National Certification exam in 2004, and has been licensed in the state of Pennsylvania since licensing began in Pennsylvania in 2011.    Throughout her career,  she has participated in ongoing studies, trainings, and  workshops  to work with the specific needs of individuals in various states of health and wellness: prenatal massage ,  myofascial techniques, massage promoting health and wellness for individuals with both a current diagnoses of  and history of cancer, individuals living with fibromyalgia.

Leslie is excited and to be working in the environment of Life in Balance, as her own emphasis marries well with the general philosophy of the individuals involved in the studio :  so much depends on our  ever evolving practice of connecting mind, body, and spirit,  deepening our presence in our own  lives through effort and attention.    Her tools include a unique blend of traditional massage and CranioSacral therapies tailored to meet individual needs ; her goal is to provide supportive space and touch that frees restrictions   in  mind-body,  leading to the wellspring of relaxation, where we  find healing within ourselves. 

255 York St Hanover Pa 17331 [email protected]