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129 Broadway, Hanover Pa 17331
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Established in 2008

Carrie's Coaching 

Less Dieting, More LIFE

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A Mindful Eating Approach

95% of all diets FAIL!    It is not because we did something wrong- It’s because counting calories, points, excluding certain foods or food groups take us to a state of imbalance and dis-ease.
The mindful eating approach will teach you how to eat intuitively again. Eating intuitively involves trusting your body to let you know when to eat, what to eat and how much to eat, rather than letting external influences dictate these things (which is what happens when you are following a traditional diet). As your Health & Nutrition Coach, I can guide you down a path that will enable you to reconnect with your appetite, reduce non-hungry eating and nourish your body with a wide range of foods; all the while taking into consideration your work, social life and family circumstances.

 Traditional Dieting versus a Mindful Eating Approach

           What the Mindful Eating Approach aims to do:

Help you improve your relationship with food
Move from a place of body discomfort to body comfort
Be able to enjoy all food without feeling guilty or anxious
Reduce or resolve non-hungry eating or binge eating
Find enjoyment moving your body

Focus on ingredients, not calories
Treat yourself; don’t cheat yourself
Escape the diet cycle once and for all

Are you looking for a way to improve your health that doesn’t involve calorie counting, being told what to eat or not to eat,? Do you want to avoid confusing and limited meal-plans? Are you sick of being made to feel bad about your shape, size or progress or fear of being handed a rigorous fitness schedule that will only add to your already busy life; than private coaching is for you.  Coaching will encompass nutrition, movement and stress management for a holistic and comprehensive lifestyle approach that is actually going to work (and I am pretty sure you will enjoy it….)

Initial Coaching Session
Health is not one-size-fits-all.  I offer personalized information and coaching; one person’s initial coaching session might look very different to yours. But generally, during your first session, we might chat about your health and medical background, your current eating pattern, your thoughts and beliefs around food and your body, foods you enjoy, your lifestyle, daily activities and identify any barriers that might stand in the way of achieving your goals. From there we will determine your priorities, work out some realistic goals and talk about ways to achieve them and best of all how to make them last. Schedule an appointment above or email me directly at [email protected]

Review Sessions 
Review sessions are the perfect opportunity to check in with how things have been going in the ‘real world’. In a review consultation, we will talk about the strategies you have tried, what obstacles you have come across and any revelations you have had. It is the chance to take stock, reflect and re-evaluate and make any adjustments to your priorities, goals and plans.

Digging Deeper  
When you start to find that passion for health and wellness and you are ready to dig a little deeper we can do a comprehensive program that includes:
Analysis of existing diet including full breakdown of micro (vitamins, mineral) and macro (protein, fat, carbs) nutrients
Evaluation of current lifestyle and health needs
Personalized menu/meal plan and recommended dietary improvements
Recipe ideas and suggestions of how to overhaul existing favorite meals with the addition or replacement of healthy alternative ingredients
Action plan to have you eating smart, looking good and feeling great long term.

Initial 60 Minute Session- $60
60 minute Follow Up Session- $55
30 minute Follow Up Session- $40

About Carrie
I wish I had some great story to tell about how and why I became a yoga instructor and Health and Nutrition Coach (but I don’t). I have always been conscious of what I was eating. Though I was never one to diet, I did live in a steady state of fear of becoming overweight. I tried to stick close to what doctors, nutrition experts, media and other health fads were gaining attention but often failed to understand their claims. Antioxidants…Carbohydrates…Saturated Fat…Polyphenols…. Folic Acid…Gluten…we have started to lose sight of our food and become only aware of labeling them as “good” or “bad”. I have learned that what to eat and what not to eat is CONFUSING.  Everyone you talk to seems to have a different opinion, but the one thing most people have in common is that food choices often leave us in a state of guilt, defeat or deprivation. SO.. I have let go of the diet mentality and weight driven focus towards my health and wellness. I have learned that exercise doesn’t have to mean the gym or jogging six days a week. Living a healthful life requires a balance of nutrition, movement, and stress management! I want to help you enjoy what you’re doing to ensure lasting results!

Credentials 500-RYT- I am a registered yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance. I received my training through Om My Yoga Academy in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. I believe that yoga is a holistic practice that takes the body back to a state of wholeness (mentally, physically and spiritually) I enjoy guiding a practice that can be tailored to your ever changing needs. I encourage a practice that honors the body. 

Cadence Health- Australia WHY Cadence? The Western or Standard American Diet (SAD) is broken. Obesity in America is reaching epidemic proportions, the rate of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer continue to rise. I wanted a different perspective…one that is not laden with “government recommendations” or health-care industry agendas that only serve to contribute to the billions of dollars spent on keeping us in a state of dis-ease. To turn this ship around I wanted to try something different. Cadence Health supports a “Health At Every Size” approach.

You can contact Carrie directly about her services offered at Phone: 443.974.1738 or email at  [email protected]

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255 York St Hanover Pa 17331 [email protected]