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129 Broadway, Hanover Pa 17331
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Established in 2008

Beginners Information 

beginners yoga
Welcome! We are glad that you are ready to join a yoga class! We know that starting something new can be intimidating! We are here to help you get past that, and into a class that meets your need
We love beginners!
There are many options for you here at our studio! The word "beginner" can mean many different things to different people! 
We appreciate if you can take the time to register!
Mat Yoga 

The first question to ask yourself is what you are looking for in a yoga class? Also, what is your current level of physical activity? This will help determine which class may be best to start out with. 
We have listed blow some options but also want to stress that you are not committed to one style and should progress as needed. We do offer beginners classes, but you can move into another class at any time. We have the schedule set up so that there are many stepping stones for you. 
If you are looking to bring very gentle movement to your body, focusing on keeping your joints mobile and gently gaining flexibility and strength while easing stress and quieting your mind we have options for you!  Beginners, Yoga for EVERYbody, Gentle Yoga,  and Yin are options for everybody including beginners.  
Slow Deep Fusion and Slow Flow  classes move at a pace that will enable you to learn and grow and become more comfortable in your new practice, but present a bit more challenge but availble to most beginners. 
If you are looking for a more vigorous practice and just new to yoga, there are options for you too! Our Vinyasa classes(meaning linked with the breath) can be enjoyed by beginners that would like to work up a sweat while always giving you all the other benefits yoga has to offer! Even though these classes are more strenuous, the postures will be accessible to active beginners. Teachers will be aware if beginners are joining and will make sure that you are comfortable with what we are doing in these classes! WE also offer Flow and Restore which will be a combo class first offering vinyasa follwed by a restful restorative pratice. Come challenge yourself! 
Restorative Yoga classes we offer monthly on Friday evenings are also a good fit for everybody. See workshops page for deatils on when these classes run.  
A natural progression for yoga could be any beginners class or gentle style class then progressing into a Slow Flow style of class and if you are still looking for a challenge All Levels Vinyasa. You may decide that you are comfortable along this path and stay anywhere you choose. You may decide you enjoy Yin as a balance to other styles of yoga or as a stand alone practice.

There is no set rule to the practice, and how it should progress. Each person is an individual and the path will be different! 

If you are new to Aerial Yoga

​We suggest attending a minimum of 3 Beginners classes before moving into a Level 1 or  Level 2 class. A natural progression for aerial yoga could be simply taking 3 beginners level classes and then moving on to Level 1, but often times 3-9 or more beginners level classes are appropriate depending on your needs. Level 1 will be a great option for those who are confident in the basic wraps and need less hands on assistance. Level 2 will be a more vigerous pratice.   For questions about what's right for you please speak to the instructor of your current class. 

First Sunday Gentle Aerial Yoga is another great option for those looking to move slow and carefully and is appropriate for most bodies with no beginners level classes required first. This class is more gentle than a beginners level class and also offer Mid Month Mellow - which is a great option for most including beginners. 

Please plan to remove jewelry and gum for aerial yoga! It will keep you and the fabric safe!

Any questions please call or email! 

Classes & Register
Check out our About pages for more info!
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