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129 Broadway, Hanover Pa 17331
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Established in 2008


Barb Shute, MD
Dr. Barbara Shute is a Board Certified Medical Acupuncturist, who spent most of her professional career in family medicine. In 2001, she completed a course on acupuncture training through UCLA designed specifically for physicians. Since then, she has been practicing acupuncture and became Board Certified in Medical Acupuncture in 2007 and re-certified in 2017. 
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Thank you for your interest in medical acupuncture (acupuncture practiced by a physician). Acupuncture has been practiced for over 2,500 years. It can be very effective for specific pain problems (for example, back pain and headaches), and it is also used for other conditions and general improvement in health. In addition, there are specific protocols for smoking cessation and facial rejuvenation.

What should I expect?

For an initial visit, you should plan about 1-1/2 hour. Subsequent visits usually take about 1 hour.

While many insurance carriers are starting to cover acupuncture treatment, most do not. You will need to check with your specific insurance plan to see if it is a covered service. I do not accept assignment for treatments, and payment is due at the time of service. I will be happy to provide a copy of your paid invoice to you, and you may submit the claim to your insurance.

Treatments usually involve 2-3 rounds of needle placement per session. The cost for a typical visit is $75-80. For new patients, the initial visit will also include a medical assessment which will be $45 (for a total of $120 on the initial visit only). This assessment fee is only charged on the first visit.

Cost of Treatment 
$120 for an initial visit
 $75 (or $80 using electrical stimulation) per visit.

On the day of the treatment you should not plan any strenuous physical activity after the treatment, and plan not to eat any heavy foods. The traditional admonition for activities after acupuncture treatment is “no beer, no sex, no ice cream and no bamboo shoots.”
Conditions Appropriate for Acupuncture Therapy

 DIGESTIVE :   Abdominal pain, Constipation, Diarrhea, Hyperacidity,  Indigestion

 EMOTIONAL:  Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Nervousness, Neurosis

EYE/EAR/NOSE&THROAT: Cataracts, Gingivitis, Poor vision, Tinnitis, Toothache

GYNECOLOGICAL: Infertility, Menopausal symptoms, Premenstrual syndrome

MISCELLANEOUS:Addiction control, Athletic performance, Blood pressure regulation, Chronic fatigue, Immune system tonification, Stress reduction

MUSCULOSKELETAL: Arthritis, Back pain, Muscle cramping, Muscle pain/weakness, Neck pain, Sciatica

NEUROLOGICALHeadaches, Migraines, Neurogenic, Bladder dysfunction, Parkinson’s disease, Postoperative pain, Stroke

RESPIRATORY: Asthma, Bronchitis, Common cold, Sinusitis, Smoking cessation, Tonsilitis


"Dr. Shute is a very caring and extremely competent acupuncturist who has helped me a great deal.
Anonymous Patient 

After ten years and eleven surgeries on my head and spine, I am in constant pain in my head, neck and back despite the use of several of the most powerful pain medications.  The acupuncture treatments by Dr. Shute have relieved pain in my back and have improved my constant headaces more than any of the pain medications.  The best way to know the treatment works is that the car ride home is always better than the car ride to Dr. Shute's for the acupuncture."
Anonymous Patient


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